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-Navigating by sight- Bildraum 07, Vienna, 2022
-Navigating by sight- 2022, 250 x 250 cm, silverleaf and acrylic on canvas
-Terra Australis- 2022, 200 x 308 cm, silverleaf and acrylic on canvas
-Land escape- 2019, 73 x 48 cm each, decoloration on tissue paper, glass, frame
-Land escape series- 2021/22, photography and maps collage
-Land escape series- 2021/22, 31 x 25 cm each, photography and maps collage, glass, frame
Den Anker Hieven/Weight the anchor, Galerie Hilger Next, 2020, Vienna

Dream like series

-RHINO- 2013, 150 x 200 cm, oil and inks, aluminium foil on canvas
Acquario Civico di Milano, 2012, in collaborazione con Mc2 Gallery

-SIBILLA- 2014, 80 x 100 cm, mixed media on canvas

Kunstraum am Schauplatz, 2012, Vienna


04 -SHIPWRECK- 2010, 190 x 250 cm, oil and acrylic, aluminium foil on damask fabric

Galleria Fiorella Pieri, Cesena